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E Class Electric Boats Handcrafts Each Vessel to Order

Contact E Class Electric Boats  today to custom order your own “Donnie 19” electric boat or to obtain more information.
We will handcraft your very own zero emission electric boat when you order it; we do not mass produce our boats. We pay attention to every detail, constructing your boat with high-quality materials that last, including hand-stitched marine-grade seating. We provide you with a well-built, sturdy, reliable vessel that will provide countless hours of enjoyment.

E Class Electric Boats

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The Simplicity of Our Design Allows Us to Go Completely Green

We at E Class Electric Boats dedicate ourselves not only to your fun on the water, but to also protecting the environment. It is, in fact, easy going green. The electric boat’s simplicity is the key.
With one moving part, the brushless drive motor requires no maintenance. And with no oil or sludge, no gas or diesel fuel, our “green” boat guards the water and guards the air, with no pungent, lingering fuel smell.

Contact E Class Electric Boats today using the provided contact form.

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