Where Zero Emissions Cuts A Wake

E Class Electric Boats Go Green … and Just Go!

The open water.
There is nothing like being out on a boat. The freedom. The fun. The wind in your face. The gentle rocking of the waves. Being completely surrounded by blue. It is enjoyable, it is relaxing, and it is exactly where you want to be.
However, just as much as you love having fun on the water, you also want to protect it — now and for future generations.

We make both possible. We are E Class Electric Boats in Cape Coral, FL.

We handcraft custom zero emission electric boats with modern “green” technology. Our boats deliver a maintenance-free, exceptionally smooth and quiet ride. They are constructed with high-quality materials that last, including hand-stitched marine-grade seating. All in all, it constitutes a well-built, sturdy vessel, providing you with innumerable hours of fun on the water, while being environmentally sound.

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E Class Will Make Your Family’s Boating Dream a Reality

E Class Electric Boats is a family business, built on the foundation laid by our late father, Don. In fact, we named our electric boat the “Donnie 19” after him.
He instilled in us a love of boating, boat-building, and the water. He continues to inspire us, and we carry that inspiration into every boat we build.
As a small family business, we care about every detail of each “Donnie 19” boat. We do not mass produce our boats; each one is handcrafted specifically for you when you order it.

Why Go Electric?

Our electric boats are zero emission, and simplicity is the key.
We go completely green with only one moving part, our brushless drive motor. Electric power is a zero emission replenishing resource, whereas traditional boat motors rely on gas or diesel, both of which are a depleting resource.
You can easily recharge your sturdy, built-to-last boat with a power source on shore or with a portable generator. You can simply plug and play!
You do not have to warm up the engine, and you always have instant power!
And there is no oil or sludge in the bilge, eliminating the pungent fuel smell.
It is great for the environment — and great for you!

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